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Wenatchee, Washington U.S.A.,
Dogwise Publishing, 2008, 245 pages.

Dogs who have an aptitude for using their noses and who love to play with other dogs or kitties (or maybe ferrets) make great Dog Detectives. Everyone whose pet has disappeared knows the feelings of fear and helplessness when faced with the question, « What do I do now? » You can help create happy endig by training your dog to find lost pets dog using the step-by-step instructions in Dog Detectives.
Retired police K-9 officer Kat Albrecht applies law enforcement based search-and-rescue techniques as well as forensic analysis to the challenge of locating lost pets. Like lost people, lost pets behave in predictable ways and once you understand these patterns and combine them with the talents of your canine partner you will be more successful in recovering a lost animal.
You will learn
-What breeds and temperament types make the best Dog Detectives.
-How to test your dog’s suitability for this work.
-How to predict lost pet behavior and use forensics to conduct searches.
-How to train your dog using these proven, step-by-step methods.
-How you can become a volunteer or professional Pet Detective.